What people are saying about Saadia Organics Argan Oil:

“It’s kept my toddler’s diaper rash at bay.  As long as we keep using the Argan Oil, he’s fine!”

“My hair was feeling like straw after a long winter.  I worked some Argan Oil through it one night and slept with a shower cap over it.  After I washed it the next morning, it felt like silk.”

“Someone once told me the pores on my face were big and that comment stuck with me.  After using this stuff, they have totally shrunk.”

“My forehead used to be super oily.  After using Argan Oil for just a few days the oiliness disappeared.  Who would think that oil would get rid of oily skin?”

“You know those bumps you get on your bikini line?  Ingrown hairs, razor burn and all of that awful stuff?  On a whim when things were looking pretty bad, I put Argan Oil on my skin.  The red bumps and irritation were gone the next morning.”

“I scar very easily.  I’ve had some reddish scars on my very pale skin for years.  After using Argan Oil on them for just a few days they are not nearly as noticeable.”

“I’m a guy with psoriasis.  Someone recommended this oil to me and I gave it a try.  It works better than the prescription I get from my doctor.”

“I’m getting to the point in life where when I pushed down on my skin with a fingertip, the skin stayed indented.  It didn’t bounce back.  Now that I’m using Argan Oil regularly, my skin springs right back to where it should be.”

“No more pimples for me!  I’ve spent years avoiding products with oil in them to help with my acne.  Now I’m putting pure Argan Oil on my face and my skin finally looks great.”

“My daughter gets little patches of eczema on her face.  Argan Oil takes it away after a couple of applications.  It’s nice not to have to use hydrocortisone on her anymore.”

“My wrinkles are disappearing!  I particularly hate the ones on my forehead.  I barely notice them anymore.”

“We are a cloth diaper family.  We love our adorable, fluffy diapers and are really terrified of letting regular diaper rash cream anywhere near them.  This Argan Oil has been a God-send.  It works great.  As a crunchy mama, I’m glad it’s all natural.  It also keeps our diapers looking good and absorbing well.”

“I had the worst cracked heels in the universe.  For many years.  I couldn’t even go in for a pedicure.  Within a week of using your Argan Oil a couple of times a day my feet actually started to look normal.  I’m thrilled.

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