“I Like Argan Oil” – by Saadia’s Granddaughter, Eden, Age 4

(Dictated to Joèl, her Mom.)

I like Argan Oil because it makes my skin really soft and nice.  I don’t really like other stuff on my face because those other things make my face itchy.

I also like our Argan Oil so much because the bottles are so pretty.  And they have stickers on them.  Every time I see our pretty blue bottles I want to use some Argan Oil. My mommy lets me use lots.

My Grandma Saadia makes our Argan Oil at Morocco. She mashes the Argan stuff and makes it into oil.   I remember going to the Argan tree forest.  And we saw goats there.  But my Mommy says goats aren’t good for Argan trees because they climb the trees and eat the fruit.  They break the branches sometimes. No goats come close to our Argan trees.

I couldn’t eat Argan fruit because they are not tasty for people or girls.  But I was holding one Argan fruit in this picture.

I could eat some Argan Oil on bread, though, and some peanut buttery stuff with Argan Oil which was yummy.  (note:  The “peanut buttery” stuff is called amlou.  It’s made from honey, almonds and Argan Oil. And yes, it is yummy.)   I was happy that I could bring lots of Argan “shells” home.  They are pretty and look nice in my Moroccan basket.

We don’t have Argan trees in Canada.  But that means we can go to Morocco to see them.  I like the beach there, too.  (In Essaouira.)  We walked there and found sea shells.  I also rode a camel on that beach.  His name was “Shakala” (Chocolate).  He was super tall.  I wasn’t scared.

Thank you for reading my article on Argan Oil.  The end.



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