Yes, Good Quality Argan Oil Can do Great Things for Psoriasis


I was happy to come across this post on a message board recently.

On particularly brilliant poster said this:

I first heard about Argan oil for psoriasis back in the early 2000’s and from what I have read many people have achieved excellent results with it.

The problem with authentic 100% pure cold pressed (unrefined) Argan Oil is: it is so expensive and so hard to source.

I have one source in the UK and one source in New Zealand.  And that is it.

There are lots of imitations and poorer quality brands on the market, which of cause don’t have the same beneficial properties.

The other point is that a lot of people are concerned about is the environmental issue. Apparently the Argan trees are declining due to over usage and world climate change. Although if Argan Oil is an industry, surely there would be special plantings and farms set up, rather than collecting from the wild!? I don’t know enough about the Argan Oil industry versus environmental concerns, to comment further…

This woman doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit.  She is right on all counts.

Many people who suffer from psoriasis have had excellent results with Argan Oil.  And you really do need to get your hands on just the right stuff.  Because a lot of the products with the words “Argan Oil” on the label will inevitably end up disappointing you.

Again, we’re ridiculously grateful for my mother-in-law, Saadia.  She knows all about pure, authentic and raw Argan Oil.  She’s been making quality Argan Oil using only the most traditional methods  for 50 years.  We add nothing to our oil, we take nothing away.  Anything less than the best will never see the inside of our little blue bottles.

Also, we are so happy that our baby Argan trees on Saadia’s farm near Tafetachte, Morocco are growing so well.  We look forward to the day when Saadia expands her farm and we can plant even more trees.  We love that we have the unique opportunity to be growing our own Argania spinosa to use in the future.  For now, we are happy to be buying our fruit from a farmer that we know and trust.  His farm is in Ait Daoud, and it is free of hungry, branch-breaking goats.  And of course, he uses only the gentlest methods of harvest.  (He waits for the fruit to fall off of the tree all on its own.  It is then picked off of the ground.)

So if you are battling psoriasis, don’t suffer anymore.  The quote above does mention the cost of Argan Oil.  This stuff is not cheap to produce, and we want to pay Saadia and her team well for their hard work.  But one of our happy customers used to spend $85 a month on prescription medication.  Now he spends $45 on a bottle of Saadia Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil and it lasts him around 3 months.  He’s saving a lot of money – and he no longer has to worry if what he’s putting on his skin is safe long-term.  There’s nothing safer than genuine Argan Oil.  Give it a try!

xo, joèl~


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