Warning: You Don’t Want This Stuff on Your Face

Another new article surfaced about beauty products in the Washington Post National earlier this week.  And the big bad headline says…

Soaps, makeup and other items contain deadly ingredients,say consumer advocates

My reaction?

“Ugh.  Not again.”

You see, I love beauty products.  Few things in the world are more fun to me than makeup.  I adore cosmetics and all of the lovely little potions that make me look and feel great.

But I hate the thought of phthalates, parabens, formaldehye and diethanolamine on my skin.  Not only on my skin, but on my 4 year old daughter’s.  It just seems wrong to use products that cause allergies, disrupt hormones or increase our chances of getting cancer.

So I’m trying to be selective.  My go-to resource for choosing products has been the Environmental Working Group’s website called the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.  The goal is to have as many products in your powder room as possible that are in the “green zone” with ratings from 0 to 2.

And what does pure Argan Oil rate?

A big beautiful Green Zero.

The other beautiful thing about Argan Oil?  It is so darn multipurpose.  Everyone in the family can benefit from it.  Women, men, children and even your pets.  You might have seen our posts on some unique uses for Saadia Organics Argan Oil here and here.  You might also have read our testamonials posts here and here.

Our Argan Oil is a marvelous thing.  

One product with one ingredient that is so natural you can eat it.

Well, actually, not only can you eat it, you would actually enjoy multiple health benefits if you did.  Consuming Argan Oil means lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.  It also has anti-diabetic and anti-tumorigenic effects.  One trial showed that mice who had Argan Oil added to their diet lost weight.  (*Sources listed below.)

So does this mean you should take a swig from our little blue bottles?  Well, you certainly could!  But remember, our Cosmetic Grade Argan Oil is from raw, unroasted pits from the fruit of the Argan tree.  When those pits are roasted?  The flavour of the oil that comes out of the kernels is phenomenal.  If you really want a marvelous oil to drizzle on a salad or dip your bread in, Culinary Argan Oil is what you’re after.  And another bonus?  It’s less expensive than Cosmetic Argan Oil since it doesn’t take as long to produce.  The kernels of roasted Argan pits give up their oil much more readily.

If you’re interested in Culinary Argan Oil, drop me a note at joel@saadiaorganics.com – I might be able to help you.  If you’re interested in our Cosmetic Grade Oil, enjoy having a look at our website.

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*Sources discussing the health benefits of Argan Oil












7 Warning Signs Your Argan Oil is Impure

With Argan Oil gaining in popularity, there are a lot of products popping up on the internet and even in stores claiming to be “Pure Argan Oil”. Unfortunately, there are a lot of brands that you want to avoid.

If you’ve read our story, you’ll know that even getting your Argan Oil in Morocco doesn’t guarantee its authenticity.

As it is so difficult and time-consuming to produce, a lot of Argan Oil is completely fake, diluted or over-processed. So here are a few ways to decide if a particular brand is worth investing in or not.

1. The ingredients

The ingredients list should be very short. It should just say 100% Argan Oil or 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil. If it has anything else listed (even water!) you don’t want it.

2. The bottle

We are be very wary of Argan Oil sold in clear or plastic bottles. Both make the oil deteriorate, and any producer of quality Argan Oil wouldn’t put this liquid gold in anything other than a dark cobalt or amber glass bottle. Light breaks down the oil’s best properties and dark glass is the only way to store Argan Oil.

3. The price

Argan Oil is very difficult to make. It takes hours of manual labour and that does not come free. So there is no such thing as cheap Argan Oil. $10 for 2 ounces/60 ml seems like a bargain, but if it’s just vegetable oil in that bottle? It’s no bargain at all. You might as well just step into your kitchen and use whatever you’ve got in the cupboard.

This is not to say that the most expensive Argan Oil is the best either. You might just be paying for elaborate packaging and extensive marketing.

Sometimes you can find authentic CULINARY Argan Oil at a more economical price. But know that even though this oil will taste amazing, it will not produce the best results on your skin, hair and nails. Raw, cosmetic-grade oil is from unroasted Argan fruits, and it is more difficult to extract oil from raw materials.

4. The scent

Strong-smelling Argan Oil that smells awful should obviously be avoided. The materials might have passed through the digestive system of a goat, and no one wants to put that on their face.

But at the same time, Argan Oil that smells like nothing is highly suspicious, too. It could be entirely fake, or at least diluted beyond olfactory recognition. Or, it could be machine-made and put through a “deodorization” process.

Genuine, raw, cosmetic-grade Argan Oil smells unique to the uninitiated nose. Most say it smells ‘nutty’. My daughter thinks it smells like popcorn. I used to think it smelled a bit like a rubber band. Now I just think it smells like pure luxury.

After a couple of days you become used to the scent and know what results the use of this oil brings, so you savour that raw, green, nutty aroma. Even if you never learn to love that smell, the scent always disappears after a few minutes on your skin, as true Argan Oil absorbs so quickly and beautifully.

However, many brands do put their precious Argan Oil through the damaging deodorization process. This strips the oil not only of its smell, but some of its healing, restorative properties. Sometimes chemicals are used in this refining process, or sometimes the oil is steamed to a very high temperature (over 400 degrees F for 30-60 minutes). But as mentioned, light and heat break down the oil’s best properties, so we firmly believe it’s best to leave this precious oil alone in its most natural state.

5. The texture

Argan Oil should be smooth and silky. Disappearing into your skin. It should not feel slimy, sticky or watery. It most definitely should not sting. Even on uncomfortable skin conditions, Argan Oil should bring a soothing effect, not a painful one.

6. The sediment

Authentic Argan Oil often has a tiny bit of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. The highly refined or fake oil will not have this sediment. Saadia Organics Argan Oil does have a few traces of sediment in some of our bottles. Don’t be alarmed if you do spy a wee bit. Just let it settle and enjoy knowing that you have the real thing.

7. The results

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding”.

Every single day we get people telling us how much they love our product. Telling us they’ve tossed other things they were using for skin care, hair care and baby care. Some even have stopped using prescription medications* as our pure, raw Argan Oil works better on their psoriasis or on their child’s eczema. (Without the cost, potentially questionable ingredients or side effects.)

A handful of reviews are posted here and some others are here. Feel free to comment and add your own!


You might know that a woman named Saadia is our Production Manager over in Morocco. Not one drop of Argan Oil is imported without her stamp of approval. She is highly suspicious of fake, impure and refined Argan Oil. Recently, I took Saadia’s son, (my husband!) to check out a brand of Argan Oil found in one chain of stores. He seems to have inherited her discerning ways.**

So let’s run through our checklist of 7 warnings:

1. The ingredients list just said: 100% Argan Oil. Check.

2. Nice dark amber glass bottle. Check.

3. The price. On the high end. $58 (before tax)

4. The scent. Zero. It smelled like cooking oil. It has obviously been deodorized.

5. The texture. Slimy.

6. No sediment.

7. The results. Unsure. After failing tests 4 and 5 we would be unwilling to buy this product to bother testing it.

I hope you found this informative! We just want you to make an informed decision as you attempt to purchase this rather elusive oil only made in a rather elusive country.


*Speak with your doctor before discontinuing use of prescription medications.

** The view expressed in the video is just one by a person who grew up with Argan Oil.   It is not the official view of Saadia Organics.