Joèl’s Big Mistake

It will come as no surprise to you that every night before bed I go crazy with my Argan Oil.  Face, neck, décolletage, hands, feet, et cetera!  I slather it on after a long bath and settle in for the evening.

My love for Argan Oil arose from my Angry Eyelid Issue, which I talk about here and here.  As you can imagine, my eyelids get a lot of love nowadays.  But one night I overdid it with the Argan Oil.  I got a bit in my eye.  It didn’t hurt at all, but it did make my vision blurry, so I was having a hard time reading my beloved book, and that made me cranky.  So I rinsed out my eyes, was a bit more careful with the oil and then went to bed in the middle of a really good chapter.  I woke up the next morning with my vision restored and my eyelids soft, hydrated and happy.

Of course, I didn’t want that to happen again, so I didn’t put as much Argan Oil on my eyelids the following nights.  (I had to finish and return my book to the library after all..)


(You thought getting the oil in my eye was the mistake.  Oh no!  You are… erm, mistaken.)

After a few days of conservative Argan Oil use on my upper and lower lids I was so very sorry.  There was a half centimetre of dry, miserable skin around my lash line.  Top and bottom.

For the love of frog, was I ever mad.  My concealer didn’t want to go on.  My eyeshadow looked like I’d just put it on a snake that was about to shed her skin.  Don’t ask how it felt to put liquid eyeliner on.

Fortunately, it only took a couple of days to fix My Big Mistake.  I have my awesome lids back once again. I just make sure that I’m DONE reading for the night before I really go nuts with the oil.

xo, joèl~


How I Fell in Love with Argan Oil

I had been to Morocco a half dozen times and I didn’t give this Argan Oil stuff a second thought.  I’d even visited a nice little co-op just outside Essaouira.  I’d heard my Moroccan husband telling me about this ‘fabulous stuff that’s only made in Morocco’.  I couldn’t have cared less.  Then I saw different products popping up here at home containing a bit of Argan Oil.  And I STILL didn’t pay much attention.

Then during an eyelid-related crisis a year ago I finally got curious.  My 35 year old eyelids aged 20 years.  They were bright pink and burned.  Nothing helped except 2.5% hydrocortisone cream which can thin the skin terribly.  I was beyond desperate.  Then I moaned to my husband and he grabbed some Argan Oil (for cooking!) from our kitchen cupboard.  First, it smelled divine.  I wanted to drizzle it on a salad.  Second, it felt *amazing*.  The pain was gone.  Then I asked him to ask his mother to buy me a teeny bit of raw, cosmetic grade Argan Oil.

And she flat out refused.

Instead, she offered to make me some with her own two hands.  She knows how hard it is to find quality Argan Oil — even in Morocco!

I had known this lovely woman for 8 years and I didn’t know that she had this amazing skill.  (And I’m embarrassed to admit I wouldn’t have cared all that much before last winter.)  In March we went to visit and I went home with a few litres of this amazing stuff.

And now?  I’m hooked.  I put it on my face, neck, and chest twice a day.  I use it on my hands and feet.  And I can’t imagine what my hair would be like without it.  Vancouver is not kind to a girl’s hair.  But my Argan Oil keeps any frizz at bay and makes it so soft and shiny.

I also love it for my four year old daughter.  She asks for it on her face.  On her scrapes.  On her mosquito bites.  On her little feet.  She even gets a bit in her hair now and then.  She believes there is nothing that it can’t fix.

As for my poor husband.  Once in a while he has a complaint and asks where our bottle of Argan Oil is.  But I’ll be honest.  I’m stingy with this stuff.  The very same stuff he couldn’t have paid me to pay attention to for the majority of the last decade.  Now I hide it.  I horde it.  I’d hate for even one drop to be wasted.

I have tried and bought countless different beauty products.  Some have given me decent results.  But I’m now at the point where I don’t like to use stuff on our skin that has a list of ingredients a mile long.  Containing words that remind me of Organic Chemistry class in my second year of University.  I remember that lab.  I wouldn’t want any of that stuff we messed with on my face.  But this?  I can pronounce it.  I know exactly what’s in it.  I know who made it.  I know I can trust it.  And I know I’ll get the results I’m looking for.

Have you tried authentic, raw Argan Oil yet?  What results have you enjoyed?