Our Argan Oil is, of course, Cruelty-Free…

BUT your pets can benefit from Argan Oil, too.

We are pug lovers.  My parents currently have two:  Elliot and Oliver.

As you can see – they have a very rough life.

One thing about pugs – their little noses get dry.  Our pugs are now spoiled and get their noses moisturized with Argan Oil every single day.

Elliot, the poor guy, has allergies.  And he often gets itchy.  Everyone knows what it’s like to have an itch and end up scratching and scratching and scratching.  Your poor skin suffers.  A lot.

When Elliot gets the itchies he is happy to see our little blue bottle come out.  Argan Oil soothes his worst spots and heals them more quickly, too.

Be assured that our Argan Oil is safe to use on your pets.  Remember that Argan Oil is also eaten daily by many Moroccans.  Our raw, cosmetic grade Argan Oil doesn’t taste quite as yummy as it’s roasted, culinary counterpart, but it is certainly safe for consumption if your pet licks the spot you’re using the oil on.

So yes, our dogs get Argan Oil on their noses and itchy spots.  Hmmm.  I wonder what would happen if we put it on their facial wrinkles.  Would they end up looking like German Shepherds?


Have a good day all!