Review of Saadia Organics Argan Oil – by: Joyce Keller

Saadia and Joyce – Essaouira, March 2011

I guess I will start at the beginning about how I began using Saadia’s Argan Oil. My daughter, Joèl, called me one night in January 2011 and asked me if I would like to go to Morocco with her. It was a deal we couldn’t refuse. Since I had never been anywhere in Africa before, and with the encouragement from my husband, I decided to accept the chance of a lifetime to go.

The most exciting part for me was to meet Saadia, as what we had in common was the love for our granddaughter Eden. There was a language barrier between us, but we had no problem at all communicating with each other. We shared some great laughs together, even though we couldn’t speak the same language.

We soon found ourselves on a horse and buggy ride to the new store that had just opened in town. I bought a few things to bring home, and bought some gifts for Saadia.  I can honestly say that was the best shopping trip I have ever been on.

We spent the next couple of weeks together just being a family. I have to say, I loved her cooking. I have never had Moroccan food before, but couldn’t help indulging in her carefully made dishes.

Joyce, Joèl and Eden, in the medina in Essaouira, March 2011

I also fell in love with Essaouira. We were treated so well, and the people there couldn’t do enough for us. Our holiday went so fast, and soon it was time to leave. As a parting gift, Saadia presented me with a half litre of Argan Oil that she had made just for me.  I didn’t know too much about it at the time, other than what my daughter had told me. But I thought I would give it a try.

In the year 2000, I had gone through a very stressful time in my life. I found myself being the caretaker of my mom who was suffering with dementia. I was finding it hard to accept the changes that were happening. Needless to say, I aged very quickly in the 6 years to follow.  It really took a toll on me. And all of the tanning I did in my youth probably didn’t help either – it really seemed to catch up with me.

So I started using Saadia’s Argan Oil regularly as nothing else was helping. The skin on my cheeks was sagging, and the wrinkles were very noticeable. I used to compare my neck to a turkey’s neck.  And the vertical lines on my chest were that of an old woman. Needless to say, I would turn the other way when I would see someone I knew. That was not a nice feeling at all. I could sense the stares that I would get from old friends, knowing what they were thinking of me after I had aged so quickly.

I told Joèl I would give Saadia’s Argan Oil a review, but only an honest one. It has been over a year now that I have been using this liquid gold, as I like to call it. The difference in my skin is amazing. The skin on my face is now at least 80% better. I also used to have black heads on my nose and they have disappeared.  I always disliked my deep pores and they have also have been minimized a lot.  I would say by 90%!

I no longer have that turkey neck, and my chest is now nice and smooth. People can hardly believe the difference. I use the oil on my nails as well. I was always picking at the dry skin around my cuticles, but that doesn’t exist anymore. I use it in my coarse hair as an overnight treatment, and my hair is now soft and silky.

As I said, I would only write a review on this after I had some honest results. I noticed a big difference after 7 months of use.  Give it a try!


Forget Botox – THIS is What You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re in the process of fighting wrinkles and trying to look a bit younger, have I got the ideal combination for you.

Do I love our Argan Oil? Of course I do. It has done amazing things for a lot of people, myself included. I love what it does to my hair. It’s cleaned up my sometimes raggedy cuticles. It keeps my dry skin soft and hydrated. It took care of my Angry Eyelids (a couple of times). And it helped reduce the appearance of the horizontal lines on my forehead.

But you know? Even though I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my forehead lines, in certain light, I can still see them a bit (especially if I’ve been a bit stressed and do too much ‘eyebrow raising’ in a day).  And I know it’s silly, but those lines bug me.  I’m 36 years old.  I should expect a few wrinkles here and there.  But these forehead lines really get on my nerves.

It probably doesn’t help that I arrived at my daughter’s preschool just over a year ago to have one of her teachers laughing and eyeballing my forehead.  I obviously asked him what was so funny.  His response?

“Eden was drawing in the atelier.  She drew a big circle and started scribbling big black lines across the top of the circle.  I asked her what she was drawing.”

Her answer?

“My mommy’s forehead.”

My solution?

I asked Ainslie – my hair stylist, business partner and friend – to GIVE ME BANGS RIGHT NOW.

But I have a round face.  Bangs don’t work too well for me.  Plus they’re high maintenance.  So was I glad to have my mother-in-law, Saadia’s Argan Oil work so well.

But the lines.  I can still see them sometimes.

Until last night that is!

I went to this wonderful Lunar New Year’s event at Red Tree Wellness.  I’ve been seeing Sonia Tan on and off for 5 years.  She’s amazing and the results I’ve gotten from her treatments are staggering.  Dr. Sonia has never steered me wrong.  I love her to bits. So I was more than happy to attend Red Tree’s soiree last night.

The food was delicious, the company was lovely.  And the mini facials with acupuncture?  Out of this world!

My treatment started with an herbal mask.  Cool, refreshing and light.  Then it was time for the acupuncture.  I asked Chrystal to concentrate on my forehead.  I got two needles in my hands, and maybe about 8 in my face.  Then I drifted off for a good 10 minutes of flawless relaxation.  After that, the needles were removed, Saadia Organics Argan Oil was applied, and then I got a wonderful massage with a jade roller.

I left feeling like I’d spent the entire day at the spa.  And my forehead?  Looked virtually flawless.  I was shocked.  Even more shocking was how my facial muscles felt.  The last thing I wanted to do was do the ‘eyebrow raise’.  I could have forced it – my face certainly wasn’t ‘frozen’ as it would have been if I’d just had Botox.  But my forehead was so relaxed and it felt like it was far too much effort to hoist up my brows to create deeper wrinkles.

I am beyond impressed.  And this was just the ‘mini’ version of Red Tree’s Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation Treatment.  I can’t imagine what the full 90 minute treatment would be like.   People would probably think I’m my 4 year old daughter’s teenaged sister.  😉

The best part?  All of the proceeds for the evening went to a wonderful cause.  Create Change is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and providing access to those living without clean water, education, and health, in Africa.   At Saadia Organics, we’re glad to be employing women in North Africa to make our Argan Oil, and it was certainly nice to give to a worthy cause south of the Sahara.

All in all, last night was absolutely wonderful!  And if you’re looking for a solution to your wrinkles, consider going this natural route.  Forget Botox and face creams with a list of ingredients 100 miles long containing things you can’t pronounce.  I can’t imagine anything working better than Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation and Argan Oil.

xo, j~




New Testamonials

We love how open people are about telling us their experiences with our product.  Your reviews always make us happy!  Send ’em in! 

Just have a look at all these happy, glowing customers(Although I believe these models are trying to sell a tooth whitening treatment or veneers or something, but blog entries with photos are good, right?)

Now to the reviews!

Don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but once I’ve rubbed rub the oil around my eyes it seems my wrinkles aren’t as noticeable.  I hope that’s the case and not just my wishful thinking?

My toddler still wears a diaper at night and kept ending up with some heat rash in the morning.  After using the oil, there’s no rash to be found.

I have quite a few tattoos.  The healing process is never fun, so I was open to trying Argan Oil on my new sleeve.  It helped it heal really well.  The best part?  NO ITCH. Awesome.  Have you seen what itching does to a new tattoo?

I work in harsh conditions and my hands feel like sandpaper at the end of the day.  I borrowed my wife’s oil to see if it would help.  It really did.  And I didn’t smell like a flower factory after.  She’s not too impressed that I keep grabbing for it, though.  I guess her face is more important than my hands?

My little one is a thumb sucker.  The skin on that poor thumb doesn’t look good some days.  Argan Oil has been helping.  It’s nice to know that it’s only one, natural and edible ingredient that we’re putting on.

I bought one of those laser hair removal packages.  My skin isn’t very happy after a treatment.  But now I have my magic oil from Morocco.  It soothes the area and helps the redness and swelling calm down really quickly.  I wish I would have known about this oil when I was waxing.

We were lucky enough to be able to take a beach vacation last month. (Yay!)  And we got sunburned (Boo!)  Argan Oil helped ease the pain and keep the area moisturized.  Usually I feel rough for a few days, but this really seemed to speed up the process.

My baby had a few spots of eczema on his abdomen and feet. This Argan Oil cleared it up in a couple of days. Nothing else worked. It’s so nice this is natural, too.

I am sensitive.  VERY sensitive.  I’ve tried a lot of hair treatments and had some terrible results on my scalp and surrounding skin.  This Argan Oil smooths out my curls without any irritation or redness whatsoever.

Goodbye Frown Lines!

I have never been one to take great care of my skin. When I first met my husband, we were both living in Taiwan. We both drove scooters everywhere. And while driving, I frowned. He named my frown “scooter face”.

It was many years later, through him constantly pointing out my frown that I realized that “scooter face” is usually just my normal facial expression. I frown when I think (and I think too much), I frown when I watch tv, I frown when I write, and I frown when I listen. And as you can imagine, scooter face gave me some impressive lines. But I didn’t really care too much about lines.

I just grew my bangs a little longer and forgot about it.

After all, if my facial lines and skin were that important to me, I would probably use an expensive cleanser instead of bar soap. And I would probably wash my makeup off before I go to bed at night. But I don’t. It’s my dirty little secret (literally, I guess).

I have definitely bought anti-aging skin care lines. And I have used them religiously for the first month or so after I bought them. Just as I floss religiously for the first few months after a dentist visit. But then it all ends up falling apart for my skin. I start getting lazy. The bar soap rears its ugly little head in the shower and the anti-aging cleansers, toners, and magic potions start collecting dust.

But a year ago, I got my hands on some Argan Oil. So far, this has been the most consistent part of my tiny little almost non-existent beauty ritual. Aside from water, it is the one thing that touches my face every day. I don’t know why it’s different than other products that I’ve used. But it is. It feels soft and luxurious. My face craves it now. It feels almost stiff until I apply my oil.  It has even inspired me to change my facial bar soap to something much milder (but still in the bar soap family…baby steps).

So what about my scooter face lines? They’re GONE! Seriously… gone. I still have a few small lines on my forehead, but my deep-set frown lines are gone.  My face is soft and smooth.  I can’t believe it. I really do look cute with shorter bangs too.  And I am free to make scooter face day and night now.





Hello from Saadia Organics!

We, Joèl and Ainslie, are so excited to get the purest, most authentic, eco-friendly Argan Oil from Essaouira, Morocco to Vancouver, BC to you.

Unfortunately, there is a LOT of Argan Oil out there that is of poor quality.  Much of it isn’t even Argan Oil at all.  But we know exactly who is making our oil and how it is being made because I (Joèl) am related to these fabulous women.

Our company is named after my mother in law, Saadia who has been making Argan Oil for cosmetic and culinary use since she was a young girl.  She is our Production Manager and makes much of our Argan Oil herself.  As demand increases, so does her staff.  Fortunately, we have a lot of relatives over in Essaouira, and they love gathering together to get this Argan Oil made for you.

So whatever you need Argan Oil for:  Troubled skin.  Wrinkles.  Your hair.  Your nails.  Your baby’s bottom.  Your child’s cuts and scrapes.  (Plus a myriad of other issues.  The possibilities are endless.)  We guarantee you’ll love the results you’ll get with our product:  Organic.  Vegan.  Nut-free.  And environmentally friendly.  (We don’t just take from the precious Argania spinosa trees, Saadia is planting new ones on the farm that she inherited!)

We look forward to changing your life with our Argan Oil.  We admit that we were the biggest skeptics, but we are believers now.  And we’re constantly amazed at the results that we, our families, friends and customers are getting.